The Pavilion Experience


The state of our planet in the future will be the result of the choices we make today. Through innovation and respect for the environment, we ensure that cities grow in a sustainable manner, and remain liveable and lovable for its residents.

Seamlessly integrating architecture and nature, the Singapore Pavilion is the country’s tribute and celebration of its longtime relationship with nature. The dramatic juxtaposition between the Pavilion’s teeming green life and its desert surroundings gestures towards Singapore’s remarkable history of urban transformation: over a span of less than a hundred years, the island city-state has overcome physical and geographical challenges to become the ‘City In A Garden’ of today.

The Pavilion evokes what imagination and ingenuity can achieve to secure a sustainable future for all in our present age of growing concerns over climate change. Carbon sequestration measures like tree planting can mitigate the effects of global warming, and the trees in the Pavilion promote Singapore’s belief that saving our planet is a concerted effort that can take place anywhere, even in a desert landscape.

Net-zero energy technology and a solar desalination system are some of the innovative sustainability elements showcased in the Pavilion’s oasis of hanging gardens and soothing water features. Through its zero-waste design, the Pavilion demonstrates our responsibility towards the environment and future generations.

The Singapore Pavilion is designed by award-winning architecture firm WOHA, led by founding director Wong Mun Summ.