Expo Talks

As part of pre-event programming, Expo 2020 Dubai is hosting a series of Expo Talks - panel discussions and Q&A sessions on a wide range of topics, convening experts from around the world, alongside Expo 2020's International Participants and Official Partners. More details are available on the Expo 2020 website.

Singapore is proud to share the following talks and discussions from our partners to join this exchange of inspiring new perspectives that tackle the most pressing challenges of our time.


From farm to plate, the food value chain is an integral part of society, providing income and livelihoods for billions - but the way in which we currently cultivate our food is a significant contributor to climate change through deforestation, land degradation, pollution and food waste. How do we sustainably grow food to meet future demand?

These recorded webinar sessions from the 2020 Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH) provide insights into innovations in food tech, agritech and biotech that are disrupting the status quo and contributing towards building a better tomorrow. 

SWITCH 2020 is organised by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI), supported by National Research Foundation (NRF), and in partnership with SingEx.


How Digital is Transforming Agriculture: Post Pandemic Opportunities and Challenges for Development (hosted by: UNDP)


Armen Harutyunyan (Senior Advisor, Sustainable and Digital Agriculture | UNDP Global Centre For Technology, Innovation And Sustainable Development)


Claudia Roessler (Director, Agriculture Strategic Partnerships | Microsoft)

David Chandra (Director, Agriculture Strategic Partnerships | Microsoft)

Dejan Jakovljevic (Deputy Director IT | Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations)

John Friedman (Asia Director | AgFunder & GROW Accelerator)


To feed the estimated 10 billion people in 2050, we need to increase the efficiency and sustainability of production, and ensure resilience of our food systems. These are especially important considering the lessons that we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. From data-driven agriculture, satellite imagery, artificial intelligence to IoT, technology and innovation can help improve the state of global food security. Catch this session as we speak with industry experts about how digital is transforming agriculture and hear from examples of how a tech company, venture capital and international organisation is driving digital transformation in the agriculture sector.


APAC Spotlight : Digital Solutions for Agriculture (hosted by: UNDP)


Min Ai Kok (Programme Analyst, UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development | UNDP)

Nurfilzah Rohaidi (Communications Lead, UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development | UNDP)


Alexander Soeriyadi (CEO and Co-Founder | Lleaf Pty Ltd)

Erik Zvaigzne (VP of Product Innovation | Convergence.Tech)

Guilherme Raucci (Chief Impact Officer | Agrosmart)

Priscilla Asonibare (Communications & Digital Transformation Lead | Hello Tractor)

Rada Klimenko (Head of Business Development | OneSoil)

Yanik Nyberg (Chief Executive Officer | Seawater Solutions)


We need innovative ideas and solutions to feed nine billion people globally by 2050, and ensure a more resilient global food supply chain. Technologies such as IoT sensor networks, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more can make agriculture more efficient, productive and profitable for smallholder farmers. Cultiv@te, a global innovation challenge by the UNDP Global Centre, aims to bring the most innovative solutions to solve challenges in the agriculture sector for developing countries. This session features eight digital solutions from this programme, bringing ideas such as ‘the Uber of tractors’, remote plant and crop monitoring, and precision farming. Tune in to this session to learn how innovative and unique solutions are shaping the future of food.


Innovations for a More Resilient Food Supply Chain (hosted by ID Capital)


Isabelle Decitre (Founder & CEO | ID Capital Pte Ltd)


Andreas von Scholten (CEO | Barramundi Asia)

Christian Wiegele (CEO | Dole Asia Fresh)

Gary Loh (Founder & CEO | DiMuto Pte Ltd)

Sven Yeo (Co-Founder & Business Development | Archisen)


Product shortages (or risks of), stockpiling... In these unprecedented times, food supply resilience has taken over the front row in Singapore. Which are the winning strategies? If supply diversification has long been the answer, what are the new technologies to take it to the next level? What about production domestication? And what is the role of educating consumers?


The Alternative Protein Debate (hosted by Food Industry Asia)


Matthew Kovac (Executive Director | Food Industry Asia)


Alex Ward (Head of Regional Innovation, APAC | Givaudan)

Eugene Wang (Co-Founder & CEO | Sophie's BioNutrients Pte Ltd)


Are people more willing to eat alternative meat or give up meat entirely? Come explore the world of single cell protein options and plant based alternatives that we see growing everyday. With the future in mind and Asia’s diverse cuisines in balance, join us in an engaging debate.