Discover Our Pavilion

Diagram of the Pavilion

3D Render of The Pavilion Entrance During The Day

Upon entering the Ground Garden, visitors will be welcomed by a garden landscape, with a phytoremediation pond nestled among a lush array of plants, trees, shrubs, including Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid. Boasting an open plan, the architecture interacts seamlessly with the environment, helping visitors to envision how nature can be integrated and restored in urban settings.

Canopy Walk

As visitors make their way into the Singapore Pavilion, they will journey through three verdant thematic cones – Rainforest Cone, City Cone and Flower Cone– each housing key exhibits that showcase Singapore’s transformational journey, solutions to urban issues, as well as efforts in creating a sustainable future for our people. The three cones are connected by a meandering, gently-sloping Canopy Walk capped with a hanging garden of draping vines, re-creating the atmosphere of the lush tropical urban landscape of Singapore.

Sky Market

The Sky Market, an open platform located on the top floor of the Pavilion, is a convivial area for visitors to learn more about the different facets of Singapore’s culture. It will house various programmes such as talks, workshops, and movie screenings for visitors to enjoy, and get a glimpse into Singapore’s social and cultural histories.

Retail Galleria Renders

The Singapore Pavilion also celebrates the spirit of ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurism embodied by Singaporeans. Local brands, ranging from heritage ones to up-and-coming labels, will tell their stories at the Singapore Pavilion, presenting the best of Singapore’s food and design culture on the global stage. They will be featured at the Galleria, which displays the specially curated retail pieces inspired by the Pavilion so that visitors are able to bring home a piece of Singapore.