1. Where is the Singapore Pavilion located?
The Singapore Pavilion is located in the Sustainability District of Expo 2020 Dubai. If you are entering from the Sustainability Gate, we are the second pavilion on the right. For information on how to get to Expo 2020 Dubai, please click here.

2. Do I have to pay admission fees to visit the Singapore Pavilion?

Ticketing information and pricing for Expo 2020 Dubai is available on the Expo 2020 official website. Expo 2020 Dubai ticket holders do not need to purchase additional tickets to visit the Singapore Pavilion. 

3. What are the opening hours of the Singapore Pavilion?

The Singapore Pavilion will be open daily from 10am to 10pm, from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. Last admission is at 9.15pm and our F&B counter will close at 9.30pm.


4. What is the theme and concept of the Singapore Pavilion?

The Singapore Pavilion pays tribute to Singapore’s journey towards growth, sustainability and resilience. Titled “Nature. Nurture. Future.”, it presents a microcosm of Singapore’s transformed landscape to visitors and reflects the nation’s vision of becoming a City in Nature with the smart integration of design, technology and nature.


Designed to be a self-sufficient ecosystem to achieve net-zero energy during the 6-month event period, the Pavilion features a multi-layered, three-dimensional green space that will showcase Singapore’s strengths and expertise, and highlight how the country continues to rise above its physical limitations to strive towards liveability, sustainability and resilience through innovative urban solutions.


5. What can visitors experience in the Pavilion?

Apart from the lush multi-dimensional greenery, the centrepieces of the Pavilion are three thematic cones that house sensory and multimedia exhibits including an immersive panoramic multimedia show, a Dipterocarp seed kinetic sculpture, and terrariums sets against a wall of native orchid varieties.


The Sky Market located on the top floor of the Pavilion will also serve as a gathering space for visitors to congregate to learn more about the different facets of Singapore’s culture. The area will house an F&B counter and various programmes such as business events, talks, and movie screenings for visitors to enjoy and get a glimpse into Singapore’s social and cultural histories.


Visitors can also visit the Galleria on the ground floor to pick up unique souvenirs, and play a mobile game that generates artwork projected in a digital terrarium. The gameboard is determined by real-time data collected in the Pavilion through sensors and climbing robots, where visitors will be able to learn more about the Pavilion’s sustainable strategies.


6. How do I stay updated on the latest developments of the Singapore Pavilion?

You can visit find out more about the Singapore Pavilion via Facebook (Singapore at Expo 2020), Instagram (@expo2020singapore) and Twitter (@expo2020sg). For more details on the Singapore Pavilion and Expo 2020 Dubai, please visit www.singapore2020expo.gov.sg and www.expo2020dubai.com respectively. 

7. What are some of the COVID-19 safe management measures in place?

The Expo 2020 Dubai organisers have implemented a set of precautionary measures across the Expo site, including mandatory mask wearing, safe distancing, and regular cleaning and sanitisation of all venues and common areas. Similarly for the Singapore Pavilion, measures have been adopted to ensure the safety and well-being of both visitors and staff.


8. How can I experience the Singapore Pavilion if I'm unable to travel to Dubai?

If you are unable to visit the Pavilion in person, you may visit our website and social media pages to explore the Pavilion digitally. 


9. How can I find out more about collaborating with the Singapore Pavilion?

For more information on partnership opportunities, please fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.